What Images Can I Use For Free For Commercial Use?

What images can i use for free for commercial use

Image copyright is a complex issue. Many photos on the internet are copyrighted and using them without permission can lead to legal issues.

Some stock photo agencies offer images that are free for commercial use. One example is Adobe Stock, which offers a variety of subscription plans and credit packs that are affordable for small businesses.


Every website, landing page, blog, and other piece of content on the Internet needs images to catch the attention of the viewer. These images can be taken by a professional photographer or found from websites that provide free stock photos. However, a user should be careful to read the terms and conditions of the site where they are downloading these images. Otherwise, they could be in violation of copyright laws.

The best way to find the right image is to use a free photo search engine, such as Google Image Search or Pixabay, or a database of public domain images, such as CC Search. It’s also important to understand the different types of images available. Some sites require attribution, while others are royalty-free. You should always be sure to check the license agreement before using a royalty-free image in a commercial application.

Some people are confused about the difference between a royalty-free and rights-managed image. The main difference is that a rights-managed image requires the purchase of individual usage rights for each use. A royalty-free image, on the other hand, can be used for a specific project for a one-time fee. The terms of the license will specify how many times the image can be used and for what purposes.

Shutterstock has a large collection of high-quality, vetted images. They also have a large variety of subscription plans and pricing. Their image library is extensive and includes more than 76,860,881 royalty-free stock high-resolution photos and videos.

They also have an Enhanced License, which is a premium version of their standard licensing agreement that allows you to use the images for commercial purposes. This is a great option for creatives who want to create more sophisticated and compelling designs with their images.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, an advertising agency, or a small business, Shutterstock is an excellent resource for your image needs. Their encyclopedia of high-quality, royalty-free images will help you produce quality design projects on budget and on time. Plus, they’ll back up their images with legal indemnification. This is an important feature for businesses that rely on the accuracy and integrity of their images.


If you’re looking for images you can use for commercial purposes, iStock is one of the best places to start. They have a huge library of royalty-free images, and many are available with an extended license. The iStock library is curated and includes editorial images, illustrations and videos. It also has a selection of Enhanced Image packs that include downloadable high-resolution files. These images are a great option for print or web applications. However, be aware that if you use an Enhanced Image pack for commercial purposes, the image must be credited to the artist. You must also obtain a model release for any recognizable person in the image.

Creative Commons is an open source website that offers free, CC-licensed images for noncommercial use. Its search tool allows you to filter photos by their license type, which makes it easy to find the right images for your needs. The site’s licenses vary, so be sure to check the terms and conditions for each image before using it. You can also use a website like Pexels or Unsplash to find copyright-free images.

You can also purchase images through iStockphoto, Adobe Stock, or Eyeem. iStockphoto is a popular choice among designers, as it features high-quality visuals and a range of file formats. The website’s price plans are affordable, and its subscription options offer unlimited downloads and a variety of bonus content. It also provides an extension for Adobe’s design platform, so it’s a great option for designers who want to streamline their workflow.

iStockphoto’s library of royalty-free images is huge and includes a wide variety of styles and themes. You can find everything from landscapes to cityscapes, portraits, and animals. It also has a variety of filters that help you narrow down your search. Its selection of editorial images is particularly strong. These are images that depict real-world people, events, and places. Its library of rights-managed images is more limited and includes photos that are recognizable or require a model release.

Another option is Canva, which offers a super-handy package of all the tools you need to create and present presentations. The service combines image editing tools and millions of stock images, making it easy to create unique slideshows.


Unsplash is a free-to-use photography website that offers images that are copyright-free. The site is fueled by photographers who donate their work to the platform. The company is based in California and has more than 1 million photos available. The website is easy to navigate and allows users to search for photos by category and theme. It also features a trending section to offer inspiration for users.

The Unsplash website offers a variety of categories, including fashion, travel, and food service. The website does not require registration, but it does allow you to save photos, give them likes, and follow photographers whose work you appreciate. However, if you want to use the photos for commercial purposes, be sure to read the license agreement carefully. Typically, royalty-free images can be used for commercial use as long as the photographer is given credit for the image.

Using free stock images in commercial projects is often challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with the legal issues involved. The legal issues involved include the ability to use an image without permission from the original photographer and the need for attribution. In addition, it is important to consider the effect of an image on brand awareness. This is because it can affect consumer perceptions of the product and brand.

When selecting photos for commercial use, be sure to check the licensing requirements of the stock photo agency you are buying from. Many agencies require that you purchase the image multiple times if you plan to use it for more than one project. You also need to keep the photos in a secure location where they cannot be accessed by third parties, such as shared cloud storage.

In addition to checking the license terms, it is important to look for images that are licensed under a creative commons license. This way, you will know if the image is free to use and whether you need to credit the author of the work.

You can find royalty-free images on sites such as Unsplash and Pixabay. You can even get them for free from the Google Images search engine if you select a filter that includes only creative commons photos.


Icons8 is a collection of royalty-free icons, vector files, photos, and music. Its database includes over 130,000 icons in 25 different styles. Icons are available in png and svg formats. Icons8 also offers an online editor that allows users to modify icons by changing their colors or adding elements. The website also has a variety of other resources, including business ideas and case studies.

If you’re in search of images for your business, it’s important to know how to find copyright-free ones. Many of the images you see online are copyrighted, and using them without permission can result in fines or even lawsuits. This is why it’s important to use only royalty-free images for commercial purposes. Here are some tips on finding and using these free images:

A free icon pack can help you save money on high-quality images for your site or application. You can also choose from a wide range of styles, and each one can be recolored to match your brand’s color palette. Some free icon packs come with an icon font, so you can add them to any app that supports the format.

The best way to find free images is to search for them on websites that offer them. For example, Google Image Search has a filter for free-to-use photos. You can also use Pixabay, a database of public domain photos. Another option is CC Search, which focuses on Creative Commons licenses.

If you want to use a stock photo for commercial purposes, be sure to read the terms of use. This will include the number of times you can reuse the photo, and whether it’s for commercial or non-commercial purposes. You should also check if the license is revocable or non-exclusive, and if there are any restrictions on the usage of the photo.

A free trial of Icons8 is available to prospective customers. The trial usually lasts for a limited time and has some limitations, but it’s an excellent way to see if the software is right for your business. Icons8 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) and is hosted on servers located in the United States.

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