What Images Can I Use For Commercial Use?

What images can i use for commercial use

If you are looking for high-quality images that are free for commercial use, you can find them at StockSnap. They have a wide variety of photos and feature a trending section to offer inspiration.

These photos are typically licensed under the standard license and are suitable for most commercial design projects, including marketing campaigns, advertorials, banners, store decoration, and more. However, it is important to check each photo’s licensing agreement carefully.


iStock is one of the most popular stock photo companies with a wide variety of images that are eligible for commercial use. Most of the images are royalty-free, meaning you can use them without paying additional fees. However, you must read the terms of the license agreement to ensure that the image is suitable for your project. For example, some images require model or property releases. Others may be copyrighted by the photographer or subject matter, and you could face legal action if you violate their intellectual property rights.

Some of the images that are available for commercial use include public domain photos, which either have expired or are being relinquished by the creator. You can also find photos that are free for non-commercial use. However, these photos typically have restrictions that require you to credit the artist and provide a link back to their site. This is particularly important if you are using the photos on a website that earns money from visitors.

In addition to offering royalty-free images, iStock offers subscriptions that can save you money. Its basic plan costs $0.44 per image, which is considerably cheaper than other stock sites. In addition, it offers a free trial that lets you download 10 images from its Essential collection.

Another great option for finding free commercial-use images is StockSnap, which is a slick site that allows you to search by category and features a trending section to offer up some inspiration. It also has a free image size selector, which can be a huge time saver when you need to find just the right picture.

Another way to find free images that can be used for commercial purposes is to visit Pixabay. This site features more than 1.8 million royalty-free photos, vectors, music, and videos. Its library is constantly being updated, and it also has an easy-to-use image size selector. Plus, you can filter by color and type of license to find the perfect image for your project.


Pixabay is one of the most popular sources for free stock images and videos. Its catalog is extensive and its users can search, filter, and download media according to their specific needs. Users can also create collections to keep track of all downloaded files. The site is easy to navigate, and it offers many categories for users to filter by. It also features a variety of thematic collections, from business-oriented to fairy-tale-inspired.

In addition to photographs, Pixabay offers vector graphics and illustrations. This makes it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. This library is useful for professional creatives who need a large selection of high-quality images for their projects. It also allows users to easily find what they need without paying exorbitant fees from other sites like iStock or Adobe.

Pixabay has a large collection of high-quality images that are royalty free for commercial use. Its search function is extremely helpful and allows you to filter images by orientation, color, and minimum dimensions. It also allows you to search by subject matter, including animals and city scapes. Users can even download high-resolution files if needed. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to add high-quality photos to their website or social media.

The images that are available on Pixabay are sourced from photographers and other members of the community. These members are required to agree to the terms of the license agreement when they submit their content. This includes the requirement that they do not infringe on any copyright laws, property rights, or trademarks. This ensures that the images will be used legally and that the creators are compensated for their work.

While Google Images can be a good place to start, it’s important to use the correct filters to ensure that you are getting images that can be used for commercial purposes. The CC Search option is one of the best ways to do this. It will search for images that are either public domain or have a CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Mark. This means that they can be used for commercial purposes without asking permission or giving credit to the artist (although it’s always appreciated).

In addition to offering high-quality images, Pixabay has a large selection of vector graphics. This makes it easy for designers to get the images they need to design their products. They can be used for advertising or for any other purpose.


A strong, compelling image is an important part of nearly all creative projects. Whether you are creating a sales presentation, blog post, or website, a good visual will help your message to resonate with your audience and create a memorable impression of your brand. However, it is crucial to understand how you can use photos legally. If you do not know the proper rules, you could run into legal trouble.

Using royalty free images is one way to minimize the risk of a copyright infringement claim. However, you should avoid using photos that include people, private property, branding, or trademarks unless they are specifically marked as royalty free for commercial use. You should also not alter the photo significantly. If you are unsure about the status of an image, ask the photographer for more information before using it.

While most photos on Unsplash are free for commercial use, there are a few exceptions. Photos that feature recognizable faces require a model release for commercial uses. In addition, photos that show a famous landmark or brand need to be obtained with the consent of the owner of the property. Finally, photos featuring celebrities have additional privacy rights that do not allow businesses to profit from them.

Unsplash is an online photo repository with a unique concept. Unlike other stock photo websites, it does not collect payments from users and photographers. Instead, it is a crowdsourced project with thousands of photographers contributing high-quality images. The photos are distributed under the CC0 license, which means they can be used for any purpose without crediting the photographer. This makes the site a safe and effective resource for anyone who needs stock photography.

Another option for finding images that can be used for commercial purposes is a subscription service such as Adobe Stock. This service offers a variety of image libraries for different topics, including portraits, architecture, landscapes, and business. Unlike other subscription services, Adobe Stock has the ability to search by color, making it easy to find the perfect image for your creative project.

Purchasing an extended licence for a stock photo is a more flexible option that allows you to use the image in any format. It is also ideal for creating products and materials that can be repurposed or republished. Moreover, you can use an extended license in a range of other situations, such as for print or broadcast.


Icons8 is a platform that provides graphic designers, developers, and content creators with the tools they need to create scalable icons, photos, images, illustrations, and vector graphics. In addition to a vast library of visual elements, Icons8 also offers a suite of apps that allow users to enhance images and improve their quality.

The Icons8 library includes over 300,000 premium icons in 24 styles and can be mixed and matched in any design. The icons are created by an in-house team of designers and follow the Windows, Android, and iOS icon guidelines. Icons8 also allows users to download their favorite icons in a variety of formats, including PNG and SVG. The company also offers a free plan, which allows users to download the icons without any restrictions.

While there are some sites that sell “copyright free” artwork, most of these are not appropriate for commercial use. You should read the license terms and conditions of each site carefully to ensure that you are not violating copyright laws. In addition, many of these sites have conditions that limit the use of their images, such as requiring attribution or prohibiting certain types of products.

Some of these sites are curated by artists and include quirky collections of images. If you’re looking for depression-era black and white photos, for example, check out New Old Stock or Gratisography. Some of these sites also have collections that feature specific types of images, such as a man in a bunny suit.

While many of these sites are free for non-commercial use, it’s important to understand how they are licensed. Most are free for commercial use only if they are used for editorial purposes and do not contain people, private property, or trademarks. Other images, such as portraits of people in public places, may require a release from the subject in order to be sold commercially.

Other services that provide free images for commercial use are Upscale Pics and AI-driven image enhancement tools. Upscale Pics is a photo editing app that can remove JPEG artifacts and reduce image size while maintaining quality. Its image upscaling tool is based on artificial intelligence and automatically adjusts resolution based on the type of file you are using.

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