Where Can I Get Royalty-Free Images For Commercial Use?

Where can i get royaltyfree images for commercial use

If you’re looking for stock photos for commercial use, there are a few places you can turn to. These sites offer thousands of images for a low price.

Whether you need images for a blog post, product packaging, or an in-store display, these sites will help you find exactly what you need. Some even include a free monthly newsletter.

Sites that offer royalty-free images

Using images in your content is a great way to make it more engaging and stand out. Whether you’re using them to boost sales, create branded merchandise, or simply jazz up your website, it’s important to know where to find the best royalty-free images for commercial use.

There are many different types of royalty-free images, from those that don’t require attribution to those that allow for resale. It’s important to read the license information carefully before downloading an image so you know how it can be used.

The most commonly used type of license is Creative Commons, which allows users to copy, modify, and share photos for commercial or non-commercial purposes without attribution or payment. This type of license can be found on websites like Flickr, Pixabay, and Unsplash.

Another option is the Life of Pix library, which features a huge range of high-quality images created by professional photographers who donate their work to the public domain. You’ll also find a search function that can be refined by brand, setting, and viewpoint.

Finally, Unsplash is a popular, high-quality site that offers both free and paid images for use in your projects. The site is easy to navigate and doesn’t require you to login or attribution. You can browse its database of thousands of photos and download them in a variety of sizes.

Photocase is another site that offers high-quality, unique photos that can save you a ton of time searching for stock images. Their licensing isn’t the most expensive, but it does require that you cite the photographer of the work in case you decide to sell it or distribute it. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does limit their selection and could mean that you’ll have to hunt elsewhere for more unique stock photography.


Shutterstock is a stock photo site that offers thousands of high-quality images for commercial use. It is a popular resource among marketers, businesses of any size, and media organizations.

This is because it has a large library of royalty-free images, competitive prices, and flexible licensing options. It also has a 30-day free trial for new customers, making it a great option for any business looking to increase their image library.

You can use Shutterstock’s images for your blog posts, social media campaigns, and YouTube videos. The site’s extensive collection includes a variety of subject matters, such as travel, fashion, and food.

Moreover, you can find a huge collection of stock videos on Shutterstock, including music tracks and interviews. The company also offers video editing tools and services, which can help you create unique videos that fit your brand’s tone and personality.

Another advantage of using Shutterstock’s images is that they’re checked for model and property releases. This ensures that they’re safe for use and don’t violate copyright laws.

Additionally, the site’s contributor program compensates artists and photographers for each image they submit to the marketplace. This helps them build their portfolios and earn more income.

If you’re a podcaster, you can also use Shutterstock’s assets to help you produce episodes that are engaging and compelling. The site’s Curated Collections make it easier to choose marketing assets that relate to your show’s theme and audience.

The site’s online marketplace business model brings together content creators and contributors through a freely searchable library of commercial digital images. Its customers pay to license and download content, which they then incorporate into their work. Contributors are paid for each image they submit to the marketplace, and their earnings can be tracked through Shutterstock’s consumer insights platform.


Unsplash is one of the most popular sites that offer royalty-free images for commercial use. They have a huge community of photographers and designers, all of whom are willing to contribute their work for free.

They also have a great search feature and a very easy interface. You can search through a number of categories, such as nature, animals, current events, or sports. You can also find collections of similar photos by scrolling down the page.

When you’re searching for an image, you can easily filter your search results by putting in relevant keywords. This is helpful if you need to find an image that’s specific to your industry or niche.

The site offers a wide variety of images, including high-resolution images that are available for download. This means that you can use them for your blog posts, website, and social media pages.

Although it’s important to note that you can’t use Unsplash photos of landmarks and famous buildings, logos, and private property without permission. This is because these objects have trademark rights and can cause consumer confusion.

If you want to make sure that you can use an image from Unsplash without violating the photographer’s copyright, you should check out the terms of service. It is unlikely that you will violate the copyright, but you should always check it before you use an image.

Another good thing about Unsplash is that they allow anyone to upload pictures. This allows people with no photography experience to upload their work and get a little exposure.

This is also a great way for professionals to showcase their work without paying for it. This can help boost their profile and attract new clients.


Pixabay is a free stock site that offers a large collection of stock photography, illustrations, vector graphics, videos, sound effects and music. In addition to its wide range of content, the website is easy to navigate and uses a simple search bar to find images based on the type you need.

The site is free to use for both personal and commercial purposes, with no attribution needed. You can also save your files in user-defined collections. However, if you download content without an account, you’ll have to answer a Captcha each time.

Although it doesn’t offer as many filters as Unsplash, the site is a great place to start your search for royalty-free images. Its collection of photos is extensive, with plenty of options for city scapes, nature scenes, portraits, and more.

Its library of illustrations is also very comprehensive, with content that ranges from decorative frames to fairy-tale animations. Its selection of vector graphics is perfect for marketers who need a set of assets that can be easily altered to fit their specific needs.

Another plus of the site is its Editor’s Choice curation, which highlights images that have been selected by the team at Pixabay. These include images that are highly relevant to the theme of your project, or that you might want to modify for a particular effect.

While it doesn’t have quite as much variety as some other sites, Pixabay still makes a strong effort to provide high-quality images. These are particularly well-suited for professional creatives, such as digital marketers, promotion specialists, branding agencies, and teachers/students.

All of the images and videos on Pixabay are licensed under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, meaning they are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes without attribution or permission. However, if you plan to use an image that includes people or objects, written consent or a property release must be procured.


If you’re looking for royalty-free images, Morguefile is a great place to start. It’s a community-based image archive, where you can find free photos that you can download and re-use in your work.

The site is free to use, and all the images are licensed under Creative Commons. The site also has an extensive collection of public domain images that you can use without attribution.

This is a large, well-organized photo library that has a variety of subjects and themes. Some of the more popular ones include food, fashion, nature, and buildings. You can also browse by category or search for a specific keyword.

Another great feature of Morguefile is its social media integration. They are one of the few sites that has this functionality built into their system, and it works exceptionally well. You can share the images that you find on this website using any of your favorite social media channels.

Besides its social media integration, Morguefile offers a unique way for creatives to stay on top of their image library. They frequently release themed “quests” – a sort of a challenge that encourages users to go out and capture an image that fits the theme or subject.

These quests are a fun and interactive way for photographers to develop a following and hone their craft while building a network of fans. The result is a constantly evolving, fresh, and well-curated image library that designers can use as a primary source for their visual projects.

All of these features make Morguefile an extremely valuable resource for creatives in any industry. But it’s their innovative #Quest system that truly sets them apart from the rest of their competition. It’s a very effective way for photographers and visual artists to develop their reputation, build a following, and compete against other contributors for the title of “Quest Leader.” This gives them access to a larger user base than many of the other stock photo providers out there.

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