How Can I Get Free Images Without Copyright?

How can i get free images without copyright

There are many ways to find free images without copyright. These can be found on various sites such as StockSnap, Pixabay, Unsplash, FlickrCommons, and more. However, these are not all the options you have to choose from. You will also want to consider other considerations such as the copyright status of the image, whether or not the image is public domain, and the costs of purchasing the image.


Unsplash is one of the largest photo sharing websites in the world. It features over one million images. With a large community of engaged users, Unsplash is a great place to find photos for use in your projects.

One of the main advantages of using Unsplash is the fact that you can download photos without attribution. However, you need to make sure you know who owns the copyright to the images you are interested in. There are a number of ways to ensure that you’re getting the right kind of license.

The first thing to consider is whether or not you need attribution to the photographer. This will depend on the type of image you are looking for. Some photos may require a property release or model release. If you aren’t sure, check the licensing page of the website.

Another option is to try out the Creative Commons Zero license agreement, which allows you to use the images with no attribution. You can search the images and check the license on the Creative Commons website.

Unsplash is one of the most popular free image sites. They have an excellent search function, allowing you to browse by category, trend, colors, and collections.

Unsplash also has an API, allowing you to search their database of high-resolution stock images. In addition, they have native apps for desktop, mobile, and Apple TV.


Gratisography is a website that provides free high-resolution photos. It also offers a few other goodies such as the aforementioned photo for free and an innovative license that allows you to use the images as you wish. The site features bright neon colors and cartoonish user interface elements.

Other free image sources include Picjumbo and Morguefile. Both sites offer well-crafted photo galleries. However, Morguefile’s photo library is a bit lacking in variety. Plus, its images are not professionally produced. Rather, they are a result of random people and objects. So, it’s not a great place to look for header photos.

Pexels is another slick web based image library. You can find free high-resolution pictures courtesy of the likes of photographers and graphic designers around the globe. Their database is easy to navigate and offers filters for image orientation, color and size. Although their search function may be a little more limited than their competitors, they have a hefty database of images to choose from. Moreover, the company has a license that ensures attribution for their images.

As with any reputable website, you’ll want to double check the licensing information to be on the safe side. Some images are available for commercial use, and others require attribution, but if you follow the appropriate procedure you should be okay.

Of course, the best way to discover which free image resources are worth your time and money is to take advantage of them in the first place. By doing so, you are helping artists to get their wares out there for the public to enjoy.


If you want to get free images without copyright issues, the first place to start is by looking at the Creative Commons license. This allows you to use the work for free, so long as you give credit to the creator.

A Flickr search is also a good way to find the best Creative Commons Images. Flickr allows registered users to upload and tag images. You can search by keyword, source, or license. However, you should be careful about the restrictions on the photos you choose. Some images may require model releases, property releases, or a number of other things.

Another way to get free images without copyright issues is to take advantage of the Public Domain. Thousands of high quality public domain images are available at several websites. It is important to check the law in your country.

If you need assistance, there are a few sites that will be happy to help you. For example, Freeimages will provide you with access to ten free images per day.

To help you find the right Creative Commons image, Magnus has created a tool. The tool will show you the last 500 free-licensed images uploaded to Flickr. As of October 25, 2022, you will be able to view these images.

While there are many other tools to help you find Creative Commons images, the Flickr site is an excellent starting point.


StockSnap is a free, high quality image repository. Its database is made up of over a hundred thousand images. The website features a tag-based category system. They also have a CC0 license which permits personal use only.

Another good resource is Unsplash. This site hosts over 2 million high resolution pictures, all of which are licensed under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) agreement. Aside from their massive library of images, Unsplash offers a variety of features to help you find the perfect image. You can search for images by categories, collections, and trends.

Pexels is another great resource for finding royalty-free stock photos. They offer images that are hand-picked by their community. The image database is organized and easy to use. There are filters for size, color, and orientation. You can also browse images by direct search.

Vecteezy is another free image library. This site also has a well-organized database. However, it’s a little difficult to search for specific images. If you have more specific terms in mind, it may be worth it to browse the images in the discover tab.

Another site that’s great for finding free images is Gratisography. The interface is a bit overpowering, but it has a nice collection of high-resolution images. The images are also licensed under a Creative Commons license, but you’ll need to check for attribution.

If you’re looking for a larger database of free images, you can try the ISO Republic. They have over 6,000 creative photos.


Pixabay is a great place to find high-quality pictures. The site features an easy search engine and a large database of free images. You can search for photos by orientation, color, size, and image type.

Pixabay also features an interesting section, the Editor’s Choice curation. This list of best images is available through the Explore dropdown menu. Whether you’re looking for a unique stock photo for your blog or a stock photograph for your next project, Pixabay has you covered.

The site offers free, high-quality images, as well as royalty-free images. It is a great resource for beginners or professional photographers. Thousands of stock photographs are available, including nature, food, architecture, textures, and more.

As with other websites, it’s important to use these images correctly. If you’re not careful, you could be using a photo with copyrights that you don’t own. To avoid this, make sure you credit the creator of the photo.

Aside from searching the site for free images, it’s important to check the license. Many of the free image platforms do not take the legal responsibility for copyright infringement. So, if you’re using an image from one of these sites, you might be at risk of a large infringement claim.

The best way to ensure you are not infringing on someone’s rights is to avoid using images with people in them. These images can be trademarked, so you could be accused of endorsing a product.

Public Domain Vectors

If you’re searching for free vectors that are free from copyright, there are a number of sites that you can try. These resources offer high-quality vector images for both personal and commercial use. Whether you need a header or icon for your website, they’re sure to help.

Pixabay offers more than 1.3 million images for download, including vector graphics. You can browse through galleries categorized by subject. The vectors are available in a variety of formats, including AI, EPS and SVG.

Another great resource for free vectors is Vecteezy. This site offers more than 100,000 vector images for personal and commercial use. Vecteezy is an excellent option for designers looking for free input on their vector projects. It offers a wide range of categories, ranging from food to plants.

In addition to its collection of free vectors, Vecteezy also offers premium vectors. Their vectors are easy to customize and can be used on a variety of websites. Some of the vectors come with extra features, such as login and login buttons.

Freepik is another website that offers free vectors and icons. This site offers a huge variety of icons, allowing you to easily find the one that’s right for your project. They are all free of copyright, but some may need to be attributed to their authors.

Unsplash is a good resource for getting high-quality vectors. It focuses on icons, but also includes vectors on a variety of topics.

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