Are Free Images Copyright Free?

Are free images copyright free

If you are searching for images for your business, you will be interested in knowing whether or not they are copyright free. The answer to this question can be confusing, but there are a few things you can keep in mind. Thankfully, there are a few great sites that offer these images for free.


When it comes to free images, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Using copyright free images without permission can result in a lawsuit. However, there are several ways to get free images that are copyright free. These include using public domain images, downloading images from other websites, or creating your own.

Some of the best sites to find free images are Flickr, Shutterstock, and Pexels. All of these sites offer high-quality, high-resolution pictures for commercial use.

If you’re looking for a large collection of royalty-free images, consider Stockvault. The site offers a well-curated database of over 60,000 photos. It’s easy to navigate and has a great search engine. Plus, it adds new free images all the time!

Another site to check out is Unsplash. It started as a side project and has grown into a huge library of stock photos. The search feature is comprehensive and allows users to browse by color and collections. This website is free to use, but the quality of the images is hit or miss.

One of the most popular images licenses is Creative Commons. With a Creative Commons license, you can use the image for personal or non-commercial purposes. However, some of the licenses may require attribution.

In some cases, the photographer is the only owner of a photo. Typically, this means that you have the right to use the photo for your own purpose, but you cannot redistribute it as part of a printed work.


Flickr, a website operated by Yahoo, provides users with a public storage space for their photographs. It also provides the opportunity for sharing and editing of these images. You can edit and add tags to your photos, search for other people’s photos and create photo albums. In addition, you can send personalized invitations to other members.

Flickr also offers its users the option to add a Creative Commons license to their photos. These licenses allow users to publish, modify and redistribute their photos without paying copyright fees.

There are four types of licenses that you can use to post and share your images on Flickr: the CC0 (Creative Commons Zero), Public Domain, Modifications allowed and All creative commons. Using any of these is the easiest way to legally share your photos online.

The first thing you should do is check your photo’s license. This will help you decide whether you can use the photo for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

The other option is to contact the photographer. You can do this by sending them an email using the Send FlickrMail button on the person menu. If the photographer agrees, they can grant you permission to use their photo. However, you must be aware that some photos require models or property releases before you can use them.

Another option is to browse through Flickr’s collection of free public domain photos. They provide quality high-resolution images for download.


Morguefile is a free stock photo site that specializes in high-quality images. It has a library of more than 350,000 free stock photos, some of which are top notch. The site is free to sign up for and users can choose from various categories to find the perfect image. However, they do not offer a subscription service, nor do they sell or transfer their images.

While Morguefile may not be the first place you’d look for a free stock photo, it is worth a visit. Not only is it a well-curated collection of high quality stock photographs, but it also encourages users to submit their own images. In other words, it is a community-based photo archive aimed at content creators. As a result, it is one of the most popular sites for designers and illustrators.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, there is sure to be a stock photo site that caters to your needs. While Morguefile is a worthy competitor, its selections are far from complete. For example, it does not include large header images, which can be a drag on your website’s overall aesthetics. So, it’s best to filter your search and be selective in your choices. This list includes Shutterstock, Vecteezy, and FreeImages, which should give you plenty of options. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which is best for your business.


Wikimedia Commons is an open source image database that features millions of free-to-use media files, including photographs, audio, video, and more. It is a project of the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation, which also operates Wikipedia. These images are available under several different licenses, and all should be properly attributed.

The Wikimedia Commons uses MediaWiki software, which makes it easy for users to edit and categorize media and create media descriptions. Wikimedia Commons is one of the largest public domain image resources, and continues to grow every year.

Images are usually larger than thumbnails, and may include Exif data. This information is usually used to display the photographer, equipment, and other details. Some photos include information about the location. However, it is not uncommon for images to be altered or removed from a site.

Some of the most common Creative Commons free images are found at the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian, and the Wikimedia Foundation. The National Gallery of Art allows modification of its images, and the Smithsonian has released millions of free images online.

Free images are available for commercial or non-commercial use, but not for use with derivative works. To find a license, go to Wikipedia:Image copyright tags/Free licenses. You will find a list of all of the various free image licenses.

There are several ways to determine whether a particular image is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use. First, look at the image description page. In addition to information about the photographer, you will also be able to read the licensing conditions.


Burst is a free image library powered by Shopify. It has thousands of high-resolution royalty-free images shot by the global community of photographers. The best part is, these images can be used commercially with no licensing restrictions.

The website boasts a modern design and offers a diverse selection of free high-resolution photos. These pictures are suitable for a variety of uses, from home page banners to slide shows.

As a bonus, the site also features a clever business ideas section. For ecommerce entrepreneurs, this is a great resource to keep in mind. One tip, however, is to check the licensing of any photo you download. Some sites will require you to pay for a license if you intend to use the image in a commercially-oriented manner.

A good way to find images for your Shopify store is to browse the free stock image libraries. There are several notable sources for these high-quality photos. However, paying $10-$25 for an image isn’t exactly budget-friendly.

Another option is to simply create your own photos from scratch. You can use Photoshop or a simple online photo editor to do the job. Or, you can join a site like Pixabay and get a high-res image of your choice without having to worry about copyright issues. This is not to say that paid image libraries are unreliable. They simply have a different set of features and capabilities.


Reshot is one of the new breed of stock photo providers that has recently entered the market. It offers an exclusive collection of free HD stock photos. These images are carefully curated by the team behind the site. The results are clean, modern, and visually engaging.

Reshot also has a feature called the “Image Packs” which allow you to instantly download a curated image collection. This is a lot easier to use than downloading each image individually. As a result, the collection can be saved to your hard drive for later use.

Compared to its competitors, the Reshot library is small. However, it does have a number of notable features. For example, it uses a “smart” search engine to recommend search results based on the most popular categories. In addition, it has a “Memo” feature that displays a short list of recommended related results.

Other features include a slick user interface that is easy to navigate, a wide variety of vector illustrations, and a search system that is surprisingly intuitive. Also, Reshot is working on a new contributor network system that will likely enhance the overall quality of its photo collection.

The best part about this new platform is that it provides emerging photographers a platform to showcase their creativity. And by collaborating with other photography communities, it is likely that Reshot will be able to provide a much larger collection of free copyright images than its predecessors.

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